ProDigiSys’ design services provide engineering excellence for mission-critical development projects at the FPGA, Board, and System levels. With a track record of first-time success and well-versed in the latest tools, our mission is to accelerate time-to-market and build competitive advantage for our clients.


Success! I added your changes to my working model to check and confirm each one. Only a couple of very small adjustments were needed to the simulation. The simulation even runs at the crazy 39.543 us time step they requested.  blockquote-closeMark Saddlemire, R&D Engineer, TCR Static VAR Compensation (SVR) Implementation, ALSTOM GRID

ProDigiSys successfully completed the FPGA development for the GPS III program. PDS did an outstanding job: first by adapting their design to accommodate peculiarities in our Space Ground Link Subsystem (SGLS) interfaces and later by adding signal polarity controls to provide us adaptability without additional FPGA programming. It’s been a pleasure to work with ProDigiSys.  blockquote-closeDavid Flanagan, Alf Systems Engineering, Lockheed Martin Space Systems – GPS III program

Phil, the ProDigiSys consultant, worked seamlessly with our team. His design experience and expertise enabled DSPCon to deliver an advanced software-defined radio to our military client that exceeded expectations. In working with Phil, our team experienced several unexpected design firsts: the multi-gigabit backplane links worked the first time; the SFP optical links worked the first time; and the embedded system design worked the first time. We admire PDS’ passion for digital systems and their dedication to first-time success. We look forward to working with them on our next digital system design project.  blockquote-closeBob Franz, Chief Engineer and Subject Matter Expert – Hardware, DSPCon, Inc.

My group has drawn on ProDigiSys’ vast skills in the area of digital design for almost 10 years. PDS’ dedication to thorough and robust design practices is the reason we continually call on them for key digital design roles. ProDigiSys has the fortitude and persistence to draw on all available resources and tools to ensure designs will work the first time.  blockquote-closeMichael R. Piacentino, Technical Director – Vision Technologies, SRI

PDS enabled our ASIC team to implement a VHDL model in a Xilinx FPGA for testing in our lab. This accelerated our testing schedule, and they found bugs that we missed in behavioral simulations.  blockquote-closeMike Low, Senior Engineer, TLSI

This algorithm project went above and beyond my expectations. A huge learning tool for us that is already paying dividends for issues we are having with our current projects. The same design “flaws” are showing up in Matlab simulations as they were in our lab simulations! Thanks a LOT for your help.  blockquote-closeMark Saddlemire, R&D Engineer, TCR Static VAR Compensation (SVR) Implementation, ALSTOM GRID

ProDigiSys did another outstanding job for a space craft simulator project by reverse engineering PIC micro-controller display code for the 70V Power Relay Fuse Assembly. They recovered and documented the original code and found and fixed several intermittent design and implementation problems. Again their work was thorough, technically excellent, cost effective and, importantly, on schedule. Their work made our ultimate delivery to our customer a success. I recommend them highly for future hardware–software interface projects.  blockquote-closeDavid Flanagan, Alf Systems Engineering, Lockheed Martin Space Systems – GPS III program

PDS was attentive to our needs and even when offsite, their engineer remotely logged onto our system and helped us debug some Verilog code.  blockquote-closeSenior RF/Hardware Engineer, MOOG

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